Gotta Love Pink!

Gotta Love Pink!
Wear Pink!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

NOTDs this week




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My Late Pink Wednesday

So this was supposed to be uploaded last wednesday but due to sucky net connection, it wasn't...

I decided to have a very simple mani today. A french tip since I will have to do some chores until Sunday.

I used these.

Here is the pic. I didn't use the french tip guides though.

Stamped it with a pink polish using BM17. Then topped with Seche Vite.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Before Chores

My last NOTD. After this, I had to put my nails to rest.. Been doin house chores especially laundry!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Animal Print and Pigments

Last night, I did this mani. Painted my nails white, then added mixed of color pigments from my makeup palette. Applied my topcoat and it's okay as it is.

But I had the urge to do animal prints. On the thumb, I did stamping. Pointer finger, acrylic paint. Middle, striper polish as well as the ring finger. Pinky, acrylic paint.

Added glitter and another top coat.

What you guys think?^^

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Cutesy Beach Nails for Cookie

My sis Cookie is beach-bound so she asked me to do her nails.

With her Ipad.

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A Monster Ate My Homework

My new fave game in my Ipod.

So I made a mani inspired by the game.

I used SanSan French White for the base and used acrylic paint for the images.

Topped with my fave topcoat Seche Vite.

My game and my mani.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

My Very First Contest

HI! Favor^^
Please support me in my very first nail art entry to a contest, not much but it's for a hobby..^^

Please click the link and "like" the page...^^

Phoebe's Nail Art

Also, DON'T forget to "like" my entry, TOO!^^

My Entry


NOTDs for 3 Weeks gone AWOL

These are some NOTDS I did for the last 3 weeks.

Piano nails.

This one is an entry to a Facebook page contest.

This one is OPI Teenage Dream.

Topped with Mia Secret Crackle Polish.

Sally Hansen in Blue Me Away.

Black on white.

OPI Not Like The Movies.

And did somethin more with it.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

AWOL for 2 Weeks

Hi! Sorry I have been long gone from here, I was hospitalized for 2 days..

Wanna see pics in the ER?

This are my viewpoints.

The ECG.

My IV.

My 1st IV which stopped working after transport (ambulance). They had to do another one.

This one lasted.

Eat healthy!

I'm still in recovery mode so pls bear with my lack of posts.

Enjoy the rest of the day!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Purple NOTD

Happy Sunday everyone! Even though I am in a shitty mood right now (pms-ing) I am putting out a good aura.. Well, trying to!

Anyway, I'm supposed to attend a bday party by 4pm but as I'm having cramps and all that stuff, I stayed in.

And yes, another mani.. This time I used 2 coats of SanSan Purple Breeze for my base color. Isn't it a beautiful shade???

Applied Seche Vite to dry it fast coz I don't wanna wait for half an hour to dry a mani.

Used SanSan Amethyst for stamping.

Used BM19 image plate.

A french tip (still used SanSan Amethyst) after stamping.

Another coat of Seche Vite and d-o-n-e!

My sunday NOTD!

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shatter NOTD

A few days ago I sported this mani just coz I was so effin busy with bday preps and cooking. Needed mani that's fuss-free and convenient. Tadah! Shatter mani hehe!

I used one of the polish with the Katy Perry OPI Collection, Not Like The Movies.

I applied 3 coats but you still see my sme lines, it's sheer but I love the iridiscent color!

See the sheer-ness?

I didn't apply a topcoat coz the shatter polish needs something (base polish) to hold on too.

I applied a thin coat of the OPI Black Shattet.

And there it is. The random shatters on my nails.

Loving the color combo.

Tadah! My NOTD a few days back.

You can see the Ipod and Bose in the background hehe yup, was listening to loud music too! Bet that also did the "shatter" my eardrums! Lolz^^

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pink Wednesday!

Yay! It's Pink Wednesday again! More and more reason to wear pink!

This was my NOTD a few days ago but haven't had the time of day to post it here.
Now is the perfect time!

I used 2 coats of SanSan French White for the base color.

Stamped it with BM19 image plate and Sally Hansen Fucshia Power.

I applied Sally Hansen Twisted Pink diagonally on my tips.

Stamped the pink tips (slanting) with BM09 image plate and SanSan French White.

Applied my favorite top coat, Seche Vite and yay, my NOTD!^^

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Goodbye Summer

The other night, I was bunched up under my blanket, wearing socks and feeling cold coz of the weather. I was thinking, yeah, summer is really gone here in my place.

So I did a mani and test out more on acrylic paint.

I did 2 coats of SanSan Warm Blue.

And basically drew some summer-related stuff on my nails.

More closer.

Used Sally Zhansen Topcoat.

Viola! Shiny now.

Yup, I am a noob on acrylic. Ptactice, and more practice!

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