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Gotta Love Pink!
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Get Free Ipod Touch Apps Without Credit Card

So, my bro's Itouch got fixed and I kinda borrowed it from him since he's currently in Cebu (summer school). And the Facebook and Skype Apps are not working. My sister said we can't update the apps without credit card since the credit card we used before is already expired! We don't have our Mom's current credit card, tsk! As if she'd give it anyway.

So I tried browsing the net if there's any way I could have an accout without credit card and I came across this site Steps to Get Free iPod Touch Apps on Itunes Without Credit Card. Please check it out!

I've screenshots with the process, with some editing of course, to hide some info.

There's the NONE Button and it works even if I'm from the Philippines!^^

And yeah, I have Itunes 10! Accidentally updated it BEFORE I did this.

And so now, I have an Apple ID!^^

Tough thing though, you can only download the FREE Apps.

But hey, I am down with anything FREE!^^


eleanor said... Best Blogger Tips

Cool! I'm going to try this! Hope it works for me as well!

liiyueh (JanLee) said... Best Blogger Tips

Cool! You can tell me how it went^^