Gotta Love Pink!

Gotta Love Pink!
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Cracking Up

Today was a very slow day for me, tiring too! Though I did nothing all day except playing Cityville and Cafe World. I also tried my 2 new BK Cracking Polish I got yesterday on a nail display wheel.

My base color are SanSan's Blue Sapphire and NYC's Times Square Tangerine Creme. I used the pink and black respectively to the base colors. And here are the results. I think I only applied thin coat of the cracking polish....? I forgot.^^"

I loved the effect on the blue'pink combo so I tried it on my nails.

First, I applied 2 coats of SanSan's Blue Sapphire.

No flash (by the window)

With flash

With my borrowed bff^^

I applied the pink BK Cracking Polish. I mistakenly applied a thick coat. Haha what a noob!

Looks weird. Blobs of polish!

More "The Blob" moment.

So, after 10 minutes, this is the end result.

I put cuticle oil around my nails coz when I was on the clean up process, the freakin acetone left white residue. Will be replacing that one with the Bobbie Nail Polish Remover ASAP!

Next time I will put less blob!^^

This is better if applied on a fresh manicure and not on days old manis. It tends to just flake off by itself and you'll be left with freakish nails.I wouldn't want that to happen to me!^^

Warning, this is soooo hard to remove! 

Now, still in the process of removing... Till next time!


Ash said... Best Blogger Tips

I normally use the cracking polish when I get bored of my nails and want to spice things up! But I agree very very difficult to remove! Love the effect on the nail wheel of that pink! :)

liiyueh (JanLee) said... Best Blogger Tips

yeah me too! too bad it looks messed up on my nails haha

Aya said... Best Blogger Tips

That blue shade is so nice! Like it :D

liiyueh (JanLee) said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes it is! Loving it too^^