Gotta Love Pink!

Gotta Love Pink!
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Stress Makes Me Hungry

I woke up hungry. I was not feeling well. I am stressed almost instantly! Blah! So I ate, bathe, cooled down by watching Upin and Ipin in Disney Channel, they are so funny!

So, I did my NOTD while watching toons. Base color is SanSan Luxury Black.

Stamped with Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power.

The image is a liitle off balance since my first stamp on my ring finger started it all. And my pinky is weird, smaller than my right pinky, so the image is not full. Bummer.

And, I'm off to have lunch now! All that donuts in Hazel's post is making me hungry again!


MissKatv said... Best Blogger Tips

oh my!!! your nails are so cute! long nails is my frustration :/ where did you get that uber cute stamp?! I want! hahaha
Thanks for sharing!

Hollie said... Best Blogger Tips

This is sooo cool. now I'm convinced, I'll get myself a black nail polish! hehe

liiyueh (JanLee) said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks! My nails just won't grow coz I keep hacking em down! The stamp is from my sister, I dunno where she got it from, it's a fauxnad plate..?

liiyueh (JanLee) said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay! Be convinced! Now go get ur black polish!^^ hehe

Ash said... Best Blogger Tips

Do the sally xtreme wears stamp well? I just got some plates but dont overly want to pay for the special konad paints!

liiyueh (JanLee) said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes they do! I use them instead of the special Konad polish.^_^