Gotta Love Pink!

Gotta Love Pink!
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Birthday To A Little Man

Today is a very special day for someone I know. It's his birthday! Will be very busy with the preparations, as we are now lacking members in the house, my siblings just arrived in California to visit my Mom.

He really loves Plants versus Zombies so much that I tried looking for PvsZ cakes or giveaways. NO avail though, it's hard when you're hometown is soooo little that it's not up to date with stuff like that.

I was thinking of doing a PvsZ mani but I find it so haaaaard!T_T

But I went on with it, and here are the pics.

Not perfect, I am not an artist lolz!^^

Will be going out in a bit. Will tell you how it went laterzz!^^

Bye for now!^^ Have a blessed day everyone!


Aya said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute! Especially the sunflower:D

liiyueh (Jan) said... Best Blogger Tips

had to pick out the easiest to draw lolz^^