Gotta Love Pink!

Gotta Love Pink!
Wear Pink!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun Party

I was about to go out but  my online order just arrived, I had to rush and tear it apart hehe.^^

Here are the pics. The dotting tool set, 2 crackling polish and the a freebie.^^ Thanks Sheliane of Awesomenails!

I just had to try the crackles so I bought them with me for a little trip. I took some pics while seating on the frontseat. Haha! I ALWAYS put my feet up near the window, so excuse the unsightly view.^^

Here is my PvsZ mani.

On my left thumb, I just didn't paint anything, just the green polish and applied some crackle polish I brought with me and here is the pic. Nice!

This is me and my sister, Aileen, slicing hotdogs for our spaghetti!^^ The party was great! Good food, desserts, music, fun, family!^^

That's it for now, I need my sleep.^^

Nite-nite bloggers!^^


Aya said... Best Blogger Tips

Gotta try those crackle polishes :D

liiyueh (Jan) said... Best Blogger Tips

they're nice, to spice up boring plain polish (no effort on our part)^^