Gotta Love Pink!

Gotta Love Pink!
Wear Pink!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jailed for the Day

Still stuck at home, in my room specifically. I wish I feel better soon, it's my Dad's birthday on the 6th!

I just did this mani coz I was so bored that I was cleaning up some stuff. And I saw my Nine and Co. purse (gift from Mom).

I used SanSan's Cloudy Gray for the base color, Rain's White satin, SanSan's Luxury Black, SanSan's Amethyst and Rain's Touch of Pink for the stripes, and Fingr's Top Coat.

After lunch, I had junk overload since my sister left these yesterday. Of course, they're for me haha^^

In between eating these, I browsed some of the blogs I follow. I came across Emily's Nail Files. I admit I had a hard time cutting those little scotch tapes. And it shows haha^^ No yelllow bolts for me, black is easier hehe^^

I used Mutya's El Nido Bliss for the base color and SanSan's Luxury Black for the lightning bolt. And Fingr's Top Coat. (Why do I put this when I just take the polish right after I take picture..? Hmm..)

Will definitely try this out again.. different colors and more practice on the tape thingy!^^