Gotta Love Pink!

Gotta Love Pink!
Wear Pink!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Read Me

Woke up early (around 7:30am), ate breakfast (eggs and eggs and more eggs.. eek), and of course, another mug of Energen cereal drink. Facebook, Blog, Cityville, Cafe World, Youtube, hmm, Pocoyo World (loz).

I decided to do the newspaper nails today, which I saw from Confessions of a Polishaholic. I tried last time but it was major fail. So, trial and error begin, hehe^^

While waiting for lunch, I just painted my nails with Cloudy Gray by SanSan. Let them dry while eating something called "hipon" (it's like a bunch of teeny weeny fish) with beaten egg. And another mug of Energen, hehe^^

So while digesting and checking out my Cityville, I transferred the newspaper prints by dipping my nails onto the alcohol and putting strips of nespaper on each of my nails. 20 seconds pass by and I removed them and viola! Put Fingr's Top Coat and I'm done...

Still needs to practice though.. T_T

Okay, so lemme do my other hand now...